Do you wish you had an easy way for your students to listen to text?

I recently attended a Microsoft Innovative Educator training where I learned about a newer feature of Microsoft Word Online.  Microsoft Word Online has a feature called Immersive Reader.  Immersive Reader is available under the “View” tab.

Immersive Reader




Features of Immersive Reader:

  1. Read aloud: Immersive Reader will read text out loud along with simultaneous highlighting.
  2. Font size: Immersive Reader allows the user to increase or decrease the size of font.
  3. Text spacing: Immersive Reader allows the user to adjust the text spacing (letters/words closer together or farther apart).
  4. Theme: Immersive Reader allows the user to change background colors and font color.
  5. Parts of Speech: Immersive Reader will highlight nouns, verbs, and/or adjectives in different colors.  Immersive Reader will also break apart words into syllables.
  6. Speaking rate: Immersive Reader allows the user to control the speed of the voice reading the text.

I am excited about this feature (think of the student who may benefit from text read aloud).  I was able to use Immersive Reader to read aloud both text that I had written in Microsoft Word along with text that I had copied/pasted from another website or PDF into Microsoft Word Online.  All of our students have Microsoft Word Online accounts and have immediate access to Immersive Reader just by simply signing into Microsoft Word Online.  I would love to show more about this feature and work to help figure out how to easily utilize it with our students!

More information is available at this video link:

Please schedule a time with me if you’d like to explore how this feature can help you meet student needs across many curricular areas!

See example below of what the Immersive Reader screen looks like (this sample will not read aloud as you need to be logged into Microsoft Word Online in order to utilize Immersive Reader). Note that the nouns, verbs, and adjectives are highlighted along with words broken into syllables.

Immersive Reader Sample